Integrating new technologies and collaborative project management processes

towards a leading construction industry in innovation and results

FROM MAY 25TH TO 28TH, 2021


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Promoting VDC in the world

Present and share the new technological advances associated to the construction industry focusing in the VDC methodology.

VDC Optimization

How to reduce waste and variability in design and/or construction processes through the application of the VDC methodology.

VDC Technological integration

Present and share the progress in the teaching of the VDC methodology in Peru and the world

VDC in Megaprojects

Share examples of infrastructure projects of various types executed under the VDC methodology



S/ 25
  • Only price: S/. 25.00 non-refundable fee*
  • Incluye certificado de participación al Congreso, emitido por la Universidad de Lima
  • *Tarifa no reembolsable debido a que incurre en gastos administrativos.




Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) Certification

The University of Lima, through the Civil Engineering Degree, will develop for the third consecutive year the Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) Certification, granted by the Stanford Center for Professional Development. This program is unique in Latin America and is based on the modern integration of the design, construction and operation of the early stages of a project, relying on the current advantages of technology such as virtual BIM models and production management.

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